Achieve the Perfect Look for the Big Day with Pixie Salon’s Key Bridal Hair & Makeup Tips

Congratulations on your special day! After all the excitement of popping the question has settled, it’s time to begin the planning process. Venues, dress, bridal party, food — there is so much to consider. One of the major aspects for a bride is her hair and makeup. The team at Pixie Salon is always excited to help the bride and the bridal party look their best on her amazing day. Below, we’ve offered some ideas for popular bridal hairstyles and makeup.

Pixie Salon’s Bridal Hair Tips

There are so many various bridal hairstyles out there, so it wouldn’t make much sense for us to sit here and go through every possible style. Plus, this article would be way too long! Instead, Pixie wants to share some useful tips to keep in mind when planning and finding inspiration for bridal hair.

Season and Maintenance

The season one gets married impacts the various hairstyles that are practical for the weather and trends. For instance, if the wedding is in summer, it’s likely that having your hair up, such as in a bun, styled ponytail, or braids, is an ideal choice. Whereas, fall and winter lend themselves to luscious curls and waves either cascading down or in a half-up, half-down fashion.

Regardless of the season, it’s useful to consider the practicality of the look in terms of maintenance. Having a hair style that doesn’t have to be fussed with throughout the day is the goal. Out of the way and out of mind. For some this means braids or buns, while others spray in plenty of hairspray. It’s a conversation that should be had with your stylist during the consultation.

Consultation and Compromise

Consultations are one of the most important pieces of the planning process. The goal is to have trust in your hairstylist to create the perfect end result. Book a consultation and have reference photos for styles that fit the desired end result.

A possibility during the consultation is the hairstylist exploring where compromises need to be made in the desired look due to comfort level and practicality. For example, if someone who normally has bangs or side bangs, but comes in with a photo that has the hair completely pulled back may not end up being comfortable with their hair totally pulled out of their face. Compromises may have to be made in order to make sure the bride is comfortable in the end. Have a few styles to give some option and wiggle room. Being flexible and trusting the stylist will make the right decision is important, and trust can be further built during the consultation and trial run.


No matter the style, there are ways to make the end result unique. Consider adding flowers throughout a braid or a floral crown, or, for a more modern take, try a jeweled crown. Other accessories that match the wedding theme, such as ribbons or hair pins, can be used to tie the whole look together. Some brides take it a step further by choosing to get little pops of color added into their hair that match the color scheme.

Tips for Wedding Makeup

Makeup can help bring the wedding look together. Where does one begin when deciding how to do their makeup? There are so many different ways to do makeup. From neutral shades to pops of shimmer, a look can be natural, glam, elegant, and so on. It really is up to the bride’s experience and comfort level wearing makeup. Here are some general tips when considering the makeup look.

Inspiration and Consultations

Take a look online and compile a collection of makeup inspiration photos that really fit the style aimed to achieve. Just as one brings photos for a hair appointment, reference photos help a makeup artist as well.

A trial run with the makeup artist is a must. The wedding day is when all eyes are on the couple — and all cameras! It’s important to love the finished look when the big day comes, but if there hasn’t been a consult and trial run with the makeup artist, the end result is a mystery, which isn’t good. The makeup artist needs to have an end goal in mind that is perfected for the client, and that will only come with a thorough consult and practice. Makeup artists all do makeup in their own way, so this is also a test run for the bride to find someone that matches the sought after aesthetic.

Consider Comfort Level

Sometimes less is more. Makeup that has more contouring, false lashes, and deeper colors will generally photograph well; however, piling on the makeup for someone who rarely wears makeup or wears a minimal amount can be really shocking. It’s also extremely important to keep in mind that because a bride is in all white, the makeup will appear more intense. Applying too much makeup or heading into glam territory can backfire. This is why it’s common to see a lot of natural and neutral styles for weddings, such as “your skin but better.” Ultimately, it’s all about comfort level. We still want the bride to look like herself when she walks down the aisle!


The goal is to have hair and makeup that doesn’t need to be fussed with during the day. Bridal makeup should last through much of the ceremony and reception, but it’s always a good idea to bring a powder or blotting papers along to stay fresh throughout the day, especially if you have oily skin.

A bride should feel beyond beautiful on their special day, and Pixie Salon would love to help achieve those hair and makeup goals. Hopefully, this article helped clear up some questions and get those planning further inspired. The biggest takeaway should be that thorough consultations and trial runs with both the hairstylist and makeup artist is key to feeling positive and loving the end result. Don’t hesitate to give Pixie a call for hair and makeup needs.

If you’d like to see some of Pixie’s Bridal looks, follow our Instagram accounts:

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How to Manage Curly Hair

Curly hair can be absolutely stunning, especially with the right maintenance routine. It’s important to keep moisture and shape in curly hair so it can grow and stay healthy. Pixie Salon is here to help our curly hair clients with various products and at-home tips to achieve gorgeous, bouncy, frizz free spirals.


Unite Boing Curl System

Curly hair needs moisture and nourishment, especially in months with dry, cold air. As it gets warmer, hair needs to be protected from environmental factors, such as humidity, salt air/water, and UV light. Unite’s Boing Curl System is formulated with added moisture and humectants to enhance and protect those curls.

Boing Curl Shampoo & Conditioner

The Boing shampoo is a hydrating cream-to-foam formula. It cleanses and restores elasticity and shine, which is vital in keeping curls healthy and frizz-free. Coconut extract restores the pH balance in hair, and this doesn’t clog the drain the way regular coconut oil does! Additionally, the vegetable oils in this shampoo strengthen and nourish each strand. Chamomile and oats promote hair growth and soothe.

Unite’s Boing Curl Conditioner pairs perfectly with the shampoo. This conditioner is all about keeping those locks moisturized to prevent frizz and keep curls strong. Curls will noticeably be enhanced. Much like the shampoo, the conditioner has chamomile to promote hair growth, too.

Boing Curl Leave-In

Many of our Pixie clients love the 7 Seconds Detangler. For those with a curly mane, we suggest the Boing Curl Leave-In. It detangles, protects, and refreshes the hair. The ingredients, such as plant-sourced vitamins and oils, lock in moisture, which battle against frizz. For anyone who uses a blow dryer or curling iron, which we’ll get into a little later, the hair will be protected because this leave-in is a thermal-protectant.

As mentioned, the 7 Seconds Detangler is another option for those with curls because it will help detangle the hair and refresh second day curls. This detangler also gives moisture and shine, protects against heat, and tames those flyaway hairs.

Boing Curl Moisture Curl Cream

Humidity will be kicked to the curb with this cream, moisture and control will bring the bounce back to those curls. This unique blend of coconut and Argan Oil delivers the ultimate nourishment curls need to stay healthy year-round. An added bonus is this cream, whether you use a blow dryer or fully air-dry, won’t leave the hair sticky or crunchy.

Boing Defining Curl Cream

When curls need some definition and hold, the Boing Defining Curl Cream works wonders. Like the previous Boing products, it has a mix of ingredients that will lock in moisture and strengthen hair, but this particular product also contains organic polymer that hold curls in place, which gives definition and a touchable finish.

Boosta Thickening Creme

Unite’s Boosta line is perfect for those seeking volume and thickness, but it also has benefits for curls. This creme will help curls stick together, providing them with a fuller look and more bounce. Apply it to damp hair through the ends and let air dry or use a diffuser to activate Boosta’s volumizing effects.

Unite’s U Oil

Truthfully, Unite’s U Oil is great for any hair type. U oil gives protection against UV and heat styling while combatting frizz and adding shine. Fighting frizz is important to help spirals look and stay maintained. It will also cut down the time it takes to blow dry. This oil is versatile because it can be applied to damp or dry hair.

Blow Drying and Brushing

It is best to comb through curls while the hair is soaking wet, preferably while still in the shower. After using a leave in conditioner, comb through the curls using a wide tooth comb or fingers. Start from the bottom and work up. Don’t try to brush through after the hair is towel dried.

Above, we mentioned using a blow dryer for curls, but there’s a difference when it comes to blow drying curly hair. To get the best defined curls without the frizz, use a diffuser attachment. Sometimes holding your head upside down and pushing the curls up slightly with the diffuser will add definition and volume. Our stylists recommend not blow drying the hair fully because curly hair will often do better drying naturally.


When offering advice to her clients, whether it’s for fine hair or curly and seemingly unmanageable hair, Shannon will often recommend trying out a satin pillowcase. A satin pillowcase will help minimize frizz because the friction is lessened. Due to the satin being softer, your hair, curly or not, will look less slept on in the morning.

Unite’s microfiber towel head wrap overnight will keep the frizz away and allow natural waves look and feel more manageable.

For those with curls, sleeping with hair in “pineapple” style might be a saving grace. If the length allows, bring all the hair up into a loose bun on the top of the head, resembling a pineapple. This keeps the hair from being tousled and tangled throughout the hair, leaving curls intact.

When hair needs a refresher in the morning, add either water or a leave-in conditioner to the hair and run your fingers through it to bring back some moisture and bounce. For pieces that don’t seem like they will cooperate, try curling them with a wand or curling iron.


One of the best haircut techniques for curly hair is adding in layers. Layers loosen up the hair and enhance the natural curl pattern. Layer can add volume if curls seem to lay flat. Graduation can help tame and shape unruly curls by adding weight and structure to the hair.

Do you use any of the Boing products? What is your favorite? Will you be trying any of these techniques, or do you have a technique that wasn’t mentioned here? We’d love to hear from you in the comments or on social media. Be sure to give Pixie Salon a follow!

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Smooth Hair Made Easy

Keratin treatments make unmanageable hair easier to control, shiny, and healthier. So many factors affect the condition of hair: the weather, heat treatments, color, and even water changes the ph balance. When hair frizzes, takes forever to dry, and is uncooperative it is almost impossible for it to look healthy and done. There are ways to help maintain the frizz and make hair shiny and healthy.

Below, we’ve listed some in-salon treatments at Pixie. Good hair doesn’t stop at the salon, however, so we’ve included some products that will help maintain that mane at home.

Keratin Treatment

Keratin Treatments are the ultimate solution to obtain smooth, manageable hair. The best part is that Keratin Treatments can be customized for different hair types, from straight to curly, and lasts months at a time. Below are the four options Pixie offers.


The Smoothing Keratin Treatment is the most requested at Pixie Salon. This treatment is for all hair types, which makes it a very popular option. KCSmooth gives total manageability, making styling and blow drying much easier. This treatment lasts roughly three to six months.


For those with straight hair, KCMAX is the strongest treatment available. Results give straighter and smoother hair. This treatment will last up to three to six months. After the in-salon service, it can be paired with the KCMAX spray at home.

Personalized Blowout (PBO)

A Personalized Blowout is customized for each client. No matter straight or curly hair, this Keratin Treatment can work for any hair type. It can be used to achieve straighter hair or define existing curls. The great part is that it aids in eliminating frizz. Just like the previous two treatments, PBO lasts about three to six months.

After the in-salon treatment, it is recommended to pick up the Keratin Complex PPH sealing masque as a final step at home. This masque has strengthening actives, botanicals, and moisturizing butters that helps preserve the hair fiber’s strength. It ensures the ultimate finish by helping to secure the new shape of the hair, leaving hair nourished and visibly smooth and shiny.

Express Blowout (EBO)

While normal Keratin Treatments take up to two hours in the salon, an Express Blowout only takes an hour to an hour and a half. It is an easy add-on to a color or haircut service. Unlike the previously mentioned treatments, the EBO lasts up to six weeks.

Vital Shots

A Keratin Treatment can take a chunk of time out of the day, but getting a Vital Shot takes a fraction of the time and is a glimpse of what a Keratin Treatment could do for hair.

Vital Shots stop frizz and protect against sun, UV, and aging. It gives hair strength from the inside and repairs damage, leaving hair soft, silky, shiny, and smooth. Unlike the longevity of Keratin Treatments, Vital Shots last multiple washes.

If booking a color service, adding on a Vital Shot does not take any additional processing time, so it’s a great and quick option for those crunched for time.


Whether you opt in for a Keratin Treatment or Vital Shots or not, there are products available at Pixie Salon that can be used at home to help the manageability of hair, combatting frizz and providing shine.

7 Seconds Detangler

Unite’s 7 Seconds Detangler is a go-to for many at Pixie Salon. Not only does it detangle but it tames flyaway hairs and frizz. It will give hair the perfect balance of moisture and proteins, which will give hair a healthy shine while strengthening.

7 Seconds Glossing Spray

Trouble controlling frizz? Grab this anti-humectant shine spray. Frizzes will be gone and hair will be left smooth and shiny. It’s so airy and lightweight that it is perfect for any hair type. This glossing spray will protect against UV and heat tools to keep hair healthy.

U Oil

For hair that needs a refresher, repair, and some shine, Pixie Salon can’t get enough of Unite’s U Oil. It is the best multi-tasking product out there, taming frizz and flyaway hairs, hydrating dry hair, reducing blow dry time, and adding shine. U Oil is great for any hair type, fine or thick.

An added bonus is this Argan oil can be used on nail cuticles and skin. It really does it all!

7 Seconds Masque

Giving hair the moisture it needs will help it look shinier and healthier. Unite’s 7 Seconds Masque is sure to impress with giving hair that much needed moisture it deserves. The masque should be left on for ten minutes before washing out of the hair to give amazing shine, softness, and manageability out of the shower. It only needs to be used once every one or two weeks as the results are long lasting.

Frizz, dullness, and unmanageable hair can be beat! These in-salon and at home solutions can help you revive hair.

Did you know during February 2021, Pixie Salon is running a Keratin Treatment special? We are offering $100 off a any Keratin Treatment. However, EBO is excluded from this promotion but will receive a free shampoo and conditioner instead of the discount.

Do you currently use any of these in-salon services or at home products? If not, are you looking forward to giving some a try? We’d love to hear about your experiences and hair goals in the comments and on social media, so be sure to give Pixie Salon a follow.

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Pixie Salon’s Men’s Services & Products

It might be easy to forget that Pixie Salon carries men’s products. Yes, we do men’s hair! That’s why we want to take some time to highlight great products and services for men.

Men’s Services

We do offer men’s haircuts, using both scissors and/or clippers. These haircuts can range from thirty to forty-five minutes depending on the client’s hair and desired look.

So, after you get your haircut, how soon should you book your next appointment? Well, hair grows about 1/2 inch a month. Therefore, with shorter hair cuts, it’s a good plan to be in the salon every 4 weeks to maintain the style.

If there is a solid shape with a longer men’s cut, the grow out is more manageable and could be anywhere from 4-6 weeks. Going longer in between cuts doesn’t mean you don’t have to do some grooming. This is when taking advantage of our neck trimming service comes into play.

Beard Trim

We know that beards became a trend during quarantine. With nowhere to go, why not try growing out that beard? At Pixie, we’d love to help style that facial hair for a more refined and clean look. We’ll trim down the sideburns, angle to the back of the ear, and curve it to fit the adam’s apple.

Much like a bang trim for our ladies, beard trims become a complimentary service for returning clients between visits. Some of our clients come in every two weeks to clean up the neck area and trim their beard.

Hair Color and Gray Blending

Getting your hair colored isn’t just for the ladies! For managing grays, a color service is ideal to keep the hair blended, stylish, and healthy. Using blending techniques with Wella’s semi-permanent hair color keeps that solid shoe polish look at bay! Gray blending is a good way to not have a solid regrowth line and achieves a more natural growout.

Haircut Styles

Basic Layer

This is your basic men’s haircut that is neat and tidy around the ears, hairline, and neck with a side part and enough length to be styled with a tonic or pomade when desired. The basic layer lays nicely with or without product.

Low Fade

Low fades are actually quite versatile because they can be tailored to suit your desired look. It’s a cut that is understated yet stylish. It’s a quick and easy look to style. The fade allows it to grow in naturally.

Disconnected Undercut

This haircut is for those who want an eye-catching look. A disconnected undercut has shaved sides with a longer length on the top. To style the longer hair on top, the Reuzel Hair Tonic is one of the best options. The tonic cleanses the hair without completely stripping the hair of its natural oil. It allows the hair to be restyled without piling on more pomade.

A disconnected undercut is a cut that is complimented by a strong beard. If you decide to sport a beard with this cut, you can come in for the complimentary beard trims at Pixie to keep up that fresh, clean look.

Caesar Cut

Named after Julius Caesar himself, this cut is believed to be tied to power. The look is a short length with small, horizontal fringe in the front. To make this look even more stylish, you can add a fade.

Bro Flow

For those with medium hair length, this is a nice option because it’s casual for at home and outings with friends but can by styled for work. It is great for any age to look sophisticated yet edgy.

French Top

Pixie Salon actually deemed this the “Quarantine Groomed Cut.” The French top, has shorter sides with a longer length on top. Cleaning up the sides and trimming and cutting through the top gives the hair a stylish shape. This cut is perfect for using a pomade or tonic to make it look elegantly disheveled.

Reuzel Finest Pomade

The Reuzel Finest Pomade is used for dry styling and gives a flexible hold. Finishing a men’s haircut with pomade adds a nice matte finish. While this product does hold the hair in place for styling, it still allows clients to run their fingers through the hair and play around with the look. This is great for touching up the style throughout the day.

When looking to purchase Reuzel’s finest pomade, keep in mind that the colors indicate the various types of holds and shine. Red and Blue cases are high shine while white is a matte finish. If you want very light hold, use the light blue. For a strong hold, opt for the pink or regular blue case. If you ever have questions about the type of finish and hold, ask your stylist which is best for your hair during your appointment.

Reuzel Grooming Tonic

This tonic can be used for both wet and dry styling. It gives natural feeling hold for all hair types. The grooming tonic is perfect for blow-drying because it will protect the hair from heat

Applying Reuzel Grooming Tonic before blow-drying gives the hair a light hold, and allows your stylist to cut through a finished look.

Additionally, the grooming tonic is a useful tool to breakdown any product buildup on the hair if you want to skip a wash. It dilutes that buildup while still allowing grip for further styling.

In addition to the above Reuzel styling products, we also have Reuzel Daily shampoo, 3 in 1 TeeTrea shampoo and daily conditioner.

The best way to try a product without committing to the full size is by getting travel size products, which Pixie also carries. These are also great gifts.

Do you use Reuzel products, or are you considering buying one? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on social media!

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Tips for Maintaining Color-Treated Hair at Home

Dedicating time and money to salon color services is an investment in yourself. When you love your color, the goal is to keep that color looking fresh as long as possible, which means maintaining the vibrancy and keeping your hair healthy.

The products you use at home can enhance and prolong permanent hair color, as well as the in salon treatments to rebalance the hair’s ph level and keep your color from oxidizing. There are also many products that can strip the color making it look dull and dry. The Pixie team wants to share some tips for maintaining color-treated hair at home, making that color shine and last longer.

Shampoo and Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

At home, make sure the products you’re using are high quality and made for color-treated hair. The simple fact is that you won’t find salon quality products at a drugstore. Your best option is to buy products recommended by your stylist because we know it’s reliable and works.

At Pixie, the Unite shampoos and conditioners are made for color-treated hair, they are Sulfate, Sodium, and Paraben Free. Unite uses a blend of sulfate free, coconut derived mild cleansing agents. Our Wella Color Motion Shampoo is a color-protecting shampoo for maintaining vibrancy of brunette, red or blonde locks. ColorMotion+ is also enriched with WellaPlex+ bonding agent that strengthens the hair by reconstructing the hair bonds after dyeing. 
Our best color protection shampoo helps lock in color while preserving hair’s smoothness and shine. It’s formulated with additional antioxidants that improve protection against free radicals. 

Reduce Washing and Temperature of Water

Even though you have salon approved shampoo and conditioner, this doesn’t mean you should wash your hair every single day. Washing your hair too often can actually do damage. Washing too often fades color faster especially if you have a Semipermanet or Demipermanent color, like a gloss. Letting the natural oils from your scalp condition your hair is a good way to keep the hair healthy.

If you feel like your hair becomes oily too quickly, try a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo’s are not actual shampoo like you would use in the shower. They are powder based sprays that absorb oil and smell fresh. Unite has three dry shampoo options. Unite’s U:Dry Clear Shampoo is for light oil and acts as a quick refresher. On the other hand, Unite’s U:Dry Plus+ is for second day hair when there is more sweat and oil. Need more fullness for that second day hair? Turn the volume on high with a volumizing, translucent dry shampoo. Quickly absorbing oils plus adds instant volume & texture. Perfect for fine oily hair, or lifeless dirty hair. U:DRY High has got you and your oil covered.

These dry shampoos will instantly absorb oil and refresh your hair — no wash needed!

Wella Color Fresh

Covering up gray hair and maintaining color in between salon visits? Wella’s Color Fresh is definitely something to consider picking up. This product is a gentle conditioning color enhancer. After you shampoo and towel dry your hair, grab some gloves and apply Color Fresh evenly, combing through length to ends. Color fresh will give you up to 30% coverage and lasts up to 10 shampoos.

Color Fresh works because it has acidic pH and an enriched vitamin complex leaving the hair incredibly shiny. It’s great for maintaining ashy blondes and vibrant reds.

Wella Insta Recharge

Wella Insta Recharge is a root concealer that you apply to any regrowth, eyebrows, and highlights. You apply as much as you need until reaching the desired coverage. It is lightweight and will not transfer. It fades after washing your hair, and will last you up to sixty applications.

Reduce Heat Styling Time

Heat styling can damage your hair, and it can also tamper with your hair color. It is best to reduce the amount of time you spend heat styling. In addition, don’t crank up your straightener or curler to the highest temperature. When heat styling, be sure to use a product that will protect your hair.

Unite has a few products for heat styling. 7 Seconds Glossing Spray, 7 Seconds Detangler, 7 Seconds BlowOut Creme, and Boosta Volumizing Spray can all be used as protectants, depending on if you prefer applying product on wet or dry hair. Some of our shampoos and conditioners can also act as heat protectors.

Add a Gloss

When you book your service, consider adding on a gloss. A gloss can seal in color a little longer. It is a quick and easy step, so you don’t have to worry about adding too much extra time onto your appointment. A gloss adds shine, tone or can enhance your existing hair color.

Luxe Lights

Being able to maintain your hair color is important, and having a more natural color treatment can help keep the look manageable. Luxe Lights, which is a new service at Pixie, is perfect for this.

Luxe Lights adds subtle lights and soft shadows to keep your hair looking incredibly natural, while also covering grays. This is a three step process. First, we add a few highlights that will frame the face, then touch up your roots, and, finally, seal everything with a gloss.

Hopefully these tips help you maintain your color at home and give you a peace of mind, if need be, to allow you to stretch out your appointments.

Also, keep in mind, that you should not use a box dye at home because that can make your transition back to the salon more difficult and time consuming, as your stylist will have to try to undo the results of box dye.

Have you used any of the products mentioned in this article? Are you looking forward to trying our Luxe Lights service? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on social media.

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Fall & Winter Makeup Trends

Our Guest Services Expert, Chelsea, is obsessed with makeup. She wanted to share some fall and winter makeup trends to keep you inspired and playing with makeup.

Fire and Ice Eyes

You might think spring and summer have all the fun eyeshadow glam with bright colors and pastels, but you can definitely get creative with your eyes in fall and winter. Think of it as fire and ice. During fall you can warm up your appearance with firey eyes, using red, orange, yellow, and brown shadows. In winter, switch up the style with smokey eyes, applying cool tone shadows like shades of gray, blue, and purples.

There’s no wrong way to be creative. Search on Pinterest or Instagram for eyeshadow looks to get inspiration, especially if you feel stuck doing the same looks over and over. With the pandemic, we’re left only showing half of our face most of the day, so be expressive and have fun on the space that shows.

Winged Liner

It’s often said that most eyeshadow looks don’t truly come together until you put on mascara. Winged liner can also be your saving grace that pulls that eyeshadow look to the next level. Having a wing can add some structure to a smokey eye or make a cat eye more on point. Try a wing linger with your warm tones in fall, and use wings to add more drama to your cool tone winter looks.

If you’re experienced with applying that black wing liner, you can break out of your comfort zone and try some two-tone wings. You can use a liquid glitter to line your eye and frame it with black lines. It might take a few tries to perfect this new technique, but it gives you a new fun pop to a normal routine.

Warm to Vampy Lips

In fall, you’ll see a ton of deep brown, red, and terracotta lipsticks. Nude colors are another major staple for fall. As winter approaches, these colors can be traded for deep plums and dark reds to give you a perfect vampy look. Plums and purples can pair nicely with both warm eyeshadow or cooler toned looks.

Keep this general rule in mind when picking your lip color: If your eyes are dramatic, use a calm lip color, such as a nude. You don’t want the shades to clash. If you’re sporting a neutral eye, you can add some spice by wearing a bold lip.

If you read our post on reducing makeup transfer in face masks, then you know you should wait to put on lip products until you are somewhere you can take you mask off. If you rather have it on while wearing your mask, use a matte liquid lipstick for the least chance of transfer.

Warm vs. Cool Highlighters

Highlighters can help elevate a makeup look, whether you go for a subtle glow from within or a highlight you can see from space. During autumn, a golden highlight will match perfectly with all the warm tones you’re using. On the other hand, if you are wearing a cooler toned look, icey highlights could take the look to the next level. You don’t need to break the bank on highlighters either. Drugstore brands like Wet n’ Wild, Maybelline, and Colourpop have affordable, stunning highliters.

Are you looking forward to trying any of these makeup trends and getting creative with makeup? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on social media, so give us a follow.

If you are looking to have makeup done for an event, headshots, or wedding, contact the salon and set up an appointment with Chelsea.

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Fall and Winter Hair Trends

Just like the seasons change so does our hair. Fall and winter bring us new possible color combinations and fun styles. Below are some current fall and winter hair trends.


As the weather gets colder, you’re layering your clothing, so why not layer your hair, too? Layering is always a great way to add volume to your hair and give it the perfect texture. This is particularly useful for those with fine hair that may struggle with achieving a voluminous look.

Having layers can open up some fun styling options such as big, blown out curls. If you want something quick, just throw it up in a scrunchie for a cute half-up, half-down look. We have a variety of cute scrunchies at Pixie.

Unite’s 7 Seconds Glossing Spray will keep your long locks looking healthy and shiny, and this spray will come in handy before heat styling.

Pixie Cut

Quarantine drained a lot of us, so you might be looking to make a big change with your hair. If your hair grew out a little crazy during the past year, now might be the time to chop it off and have a fresh start. A pixie cut could be your saving grace to totally transform your look.

This cut can be extremely versatile. You can style it to be soft and classy or texturize it to be edgy and fun. Unite’s Texturiza Spray works wonders for this cut. To get a bit more hold and keep that pixie in place, Unite’s Conundrum Paste is a must.


Bangs are making a comeback, and if you tried cutting them yourself at home, now might be a good time to get more creative with them. We can even them lout so they fit and frame your face perfectly, you can easily book quick bang trims with your stylist. To style your new do, you may want to grab some Unite’s Blow & Set lotion and a Vess brush.

Undercut Bob

An undercut bob is another stylish way to add volume to your hair. Having an undercut gives that bob more style and lift. You can really accentuate the layers with loose curls or a blowout. For this, you can use Unite’s Boosta line, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, spray, and creme. Boosta products give you  a healthy sheen and enhanced texture.

Fall Hair Colors: Auburns, Oranges, Reds, and Deep Browns

With cool fall weather comes deep, warm hair colors. A single process color to get a deep brown color all over or spice up your dark hair with auburn highlights or a red balayage. For those fearful to commit, you can get a gloss to add subtle tones to your existing color. Upkeep on colored hair is important, to maintain the vibrancy and avoid colors turning brassy, use a Unite shampoo and conditioner, such as the 7 Seconds line, because they’re safe for color-treated hair.

Winter Hair Colors: Ashy and Light

On the other hand, winter can inspire some to go lighter. Ashy and icy colors can be a dramatic yet welcomed change. This color choice looks great on long, curly hair and pixie cuts alike. On long hair you can achieve a purple grey shift. With a pixie haircut, you can shave down the sides and just get that pop of color on the top.

Whether it’s an ashy blonde or purple or embracing light grey, it’s important to keep that color strong, so use Unite’s Blonda line to get ashy and light colors to stay put.

What styles are you considering trying this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on our social media, so be sure to give us a follow!

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Pixie Salon’s Must-Have Hair Products

The Pixie Team has been raving about Unite products with their clients. It’s not just in the salon that we show Unite love because this is a brand we use in our own homes, too. Here are our team’s favorite Unite products our hair just can’t live without!

Shannon: Unite Boosta Thickening Creme

The Boosta Thickening Creme is perfect for achieving air-dried, curly hair. Not only does it add thickness but it also gives shine and keeps away frizz. Your new voluminous hair will be touchable and smell absolutely incredible. It is a must-have for fine hair, but if you have curly hair, this will keep it healthy and manageable.

Unite Texturiza Finishing Foam

We love using the Texturiza Finishing Foam on clients. It gives clients a soft, tousled effortless look. The foam is fluffy and disappears into the hair with no residue. It is totally weightless and adds grip to help shape hair. You will be able to touch and play with your hair as though no product is in it. This is great for any hair type and any length. If you’re not a fan of foam, the Texturiza also has a spray option.

Unite 7 Seconds Leave-in Detangler

For our stylists, the 7 Seconds Leave-in Detangler Conditioner is a must-have hair product for every hair type, all the time. This gets rid of all those pesky tangles in your hair. With its proteins and moisturizing agents, your hair will feel like new. This is particularly useful before heat styling, and a leave in conditioner.

Dani: Unite 7 Seconds Glossing Spray

Dani has beautiful long hair, so she looks for a product that will make her hair look healthy and shiny, which is why she turns to the 7 Seconds Glossing Spray. It sprays on dry and airy and makes your hair radiant. This glossing treatment won’t weigh down your hair either. Like the 7 Seconds Detangler, this is great to use before heat styling and can be used on any hair type.

Chelsea: Unite Conundrum Paste

Our Guest Services Expert, Chelsea, has a short pixie haircut. With fine hair, she is looking for something that will give some volume and make it easy to style. The Conundrum Paste is her go to. Massage this paste on your fingers or heat it up slightly with a blowdryer before applying it to your hair. This paste has a hybrid feel that is waxy yet creamy, which helps give you flexible hold you can manipulate into whatever style you’re looking to achieve. This pairs wonderfully with the Unite Boosta Spray.

Tatianna: Unite 7 Seconds Moisturizer Shampoo and Conditioner

Tatianna is one of our Guest Services Experts, and she is currently a student juggling work and school. She needs something quick and easy to keep her hair looking good, which is why she turns to 7 Seconds Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner. 7SECONDS Shampoo is a moisture-enriched shampoo that cleanses and protects hair from UV rays, thermal damage and color fading. From the shower to the end of the day, this combination will keep your hair feeling soft and nourished.

Are any of these Unite products your favorite hair product, too? Are you planning on picking on up next time you’re in Pixie Salon? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on our social media platforms, so give us a follow.

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Reduce Makeup Transfer on Face Masks

Due to the pandemic, masks have become a part of our lives everywhere we go. We even buy masks to match different outfits. If you’re an avid makeup user, masks have impacted your daily makeup routine.

Have you taken off your mask only to notice a ton of product rubbed off your face and onto the face mask? Well, Chelsea, Pixie Salon’s Guest Services Expert, is a makeup lover, and she put together these tips and tricks for how to maximize makeup longevity and minimize transfer.

Type of Product

One of the best ways to minimize transfer is to pay attention to the type of products you use. If you are a fan of dewy products, unfortunately, this is a time when you need to use less dewy foundation and concealer. For those with dry skin that need the extra moisture, always use a moisturizer and face oils and milks before applying product, and then try setting your dewy foundation and concealer with a setting powder. In general, matte and powder products are going to be the best to use.

Lip products are also challenging at this time. You may want to bring a lipstick or lip gloss with you and apply it when you take your mask off. If you need to apply lipstick and put on a mask, your best option is a matte liquid lipstick that won’t transfer.

Application Process

How you apply your makeup also matters. Before you put on any makeup, use a gripping primer. These will likely be silicone-based and have a tacky finish. That is going to help makeup stick to your skin instead of your mask.

Before you start blending out your foundation, spray your brush with a long-wear setting spray. This helps makeup lock into place. To further minimize smudge, set any cream products with a powder.

After the Mask

Taking care of your skin and face mask is really important. Having a face mask on for hours each day can take a toll on your skin. You’ve probably heard of people getting mask breakouts. When the mask comes off, you have to take care of your skin. Wash off that makeup and treat your skin with an oil controlling face wash and detoxifying face mask.

Don’t stop there! If you have fabric face masks, wash them daily or weekly. This is going to help keep your skin clear. When all your masks are dirty, keep disposable masks on hand for your wash days.

In the End…

Keeping your mask clean is a process, especially for makeup lovers, but taking these steps will help keep your mask a bit cleaner and make your skin happier. Don’t let masks cramp your style! Rock a mask and your glam.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for combining makeup and masks? Do any of these tips work for you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on our social media. Give us a follow!

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