Congratulations on your special day! After all the excitement of popping the question has settled, it’s time to begin the planning process. Venues, dress, bridal party, food — there is so much to consider. One of the major aspects for a bride is her hair and makeup. The team at Pixie Salon is always excited to help the bride and the bridal party look their best on her amazing day. Below, we’ve offered some ideas for popular bridal hairstyles and makeup.

Pixie Salon’s Bridal Hair Tips

There are so many various bridal hairstyles out there, so it wouldn’t make much sense for us to sit here and go through every possible style. Plus, this article would be way too long! Instead, Pixie wants to share some useful tips to keep in mind when planning and finding inspiration for bridal hair.

Season and Maintenance

The season one gets married impacts the various hairstyles that are practical for the weather and trends. For instance, if the wedding is in summer, it’s likely that having your hair up, such as in a bun, styled ponytail, or braids, is an ideal choice. Whereas, fall and winter lend themselves to luscious curls and waves either cascading down or in a half-up, half-down fashion.

Regardless of the season, it’s useful to consider the practicality of the look in terms of maintenance. Having a hair style that doesn’t have to be fussed with throughout the day is the goal. Out of the way and out of mind. For some this means braids or buns, while others spray in plenty of hairspray. It’s a conversation that should be had with your stylist during the consultation.

Consultation and Compromise

Consultations are one of the most important pieces of the planning process. The goal is to have trust in your hairstylist to create the perfect end result. Book a consultation and have reference photos for styles that fit the desired end result.

A possibility during the consultation is the hairstylist exploring where compromises need to be made in the desired look due to comfort level and practicality. For example, if someone who normally has bangs or side bangs, but comes in with a photo that has the hair completely pulled back may not end up being comfortable with their hair totally pulled out of their face. Compromises may have to be made in order to make sure the bride is comfortable in the end. Have a few styles to give some option and wiggle room. Being flexible and trusting the stylist will make the right decision is important, and trust can be further built during the consultation and trial run.


No matter the style, there are ways to make the end result unique. Consider adding flowers throughout a braid or a floral crown, or, for a more modern take, try a jeweled crown. Other accessories that match the wedding theme, such as ribbons or hair pins, can be used to tie the whole look together. Some brides take it a step further by choosing to get little pops of color added into their hair that match the color scheme.

Tips for Wedding Makeup

Makeup can help bring the wedding look together. Where does one begin when deciding how to do their makeup? There are so many different ways to do makeup. From neutral shades to pops of shimmer, a look can be natural, glam, elegant, and so on. It really is up to the bride’s experience and comfort level wearing makeup. Here are some general tips when considering the makeup look.

Inspiration and Consultations

Take a look online and compile a collection of makeup inspiration photos that really fit the style aimed to achieve. Just as one brings photos for a hair appointment, reference photos help a makeup artist as well.

A trial run with the makeup artist is a must. The wedding day is when all eyes are on the couple — and all cameras! It’s important to love the finished look when the big day comes, but if there hasn’t been a consult and trial run with the makeup artist, the end result is a mystery, which isn’t good. The makeup artist needs to have an end goal in mind that is perfected for the client, and that will only come with a thorough consult and practice. Makeup artists all do makeup in their own way, so this is also a test run for the bride to find someone that matches the sought after aesthetic.

Consider Comfort Level

Sometimes less is more. Makeup that has more contouring, false lashes, and deeper colors will generally photograph well; however, piling on the makeup for someone who rarely wears makeup or wears a minimal amount can be really shocking. It’s also extremely important to keep in mind that because a bride is in all white, the makeup will appear more intense. Applying too much makeup or heading into glam territory can backfire. This is why it’s common to see a lot of natural and neutral styles for weddings, such as “your skin but better.” Ultimately, it’s all about comfort level. We still want the bride to look like herself when she walks down the aisle!


The goal is to have hair and makeup that doesn’t need to be fussed with during the day. Bridal makeup should last through much of the ceremony and reception, but it’s always a good idea to bring a powder or blotting papers along to stay fresh throughout the day, especially if you have oily skin.

A bride should feel beyond beautiful on their special day, and Pixie Salon would love to help achieve those hair and makeup goals. Hopefully, this article helped clear up some questions and get those planning further inspired. The biggest takeaway should be that thorough consultations and trial runs with both the hairstylist and makeup artist is key to feeling positive and loving the end result. Don’t hesitate to give Pixie a call for hair and makeup needs.

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