Fall & Winter Makeup Trends

Our Guest Services Expert, Chelsea, is obsessed with makeup. She wanted to share some fall and winter makeup trends to keep you inspired and playing with makeup.

Fire and Ice Eyes

You might think spring and summer have all the fun eyeshadow glam with bright colors and pastels, but you can definitely get creative with your eyes in fall and winter. Think of it as fire and ice. During fall you can warm up your appearance with firey eyes, using red, orange, yellow, and brown shadows. In winter, switch up the style with smokey eyes, applying cool tone shadows like shades of gray, blue, and purples.

There’s no wrong way to be creative. Search on Pinterest or Instagram for eyeshadow looks to get inspiration, especially if you feel stuck doing the same looks over and over. With the pandemic, we’re left only showing half of our face most of the day, so be expressive and have fun on the space that shows.

Winged Liner

It’s often said that most eyeshadow looks don’t truly come together until you put on mascara. Winged liner can also be your saving grace that pulls that eyeshadow look to the next level. Having a wing can add some structure to a smokey eye or make a cat eye more on point. Try a wing linger with your warm tones in fall, and use wings to add more drama to your cool tone winter looks.

If you’re experienced with applying that black wing liner, you can break out of your comfort zone and try some two-tone wings. You can use a liquid glitter to line your eye and frame it with black lines. It might take a few tries to perfect this new technique, but it gives you a new fun pop to a normal routine.

Warm to Vampy Lips

In fall, you’ll see a ton of deep brown, red, and terracotta lipsticks. Nude colors are another major staple for fall. As winter approaches, these colors can be traded for deep plums and dark reds to give you a perfect vampy look. Plums and purples can pair nicely with both warm eyeshadow or cooler toned looks.

Keep this general rule in mind when picking your lip color: If your eyes are dramatic, use a calm lip color, such as a nude. You don’t want the shades to clash. If you’re sporting a neutral eye, you can add some spice by wearing a bold lip.

If you read our post on reducing makeup transfer in face masks, then you know you should wait to put on lip products until you are somewhere you can take you mask off. If you rather have it on while wearing your mask, use a matte liquid lipstick for the least chance of transfer.

Warm vs. Cool Highlighters

Highlighters can help elevate a makeup look, whether you go for a subtle glow from within or a highlight you can see from space. During autumn, a golden highlight will match perfectly with all the warm tones you’re using. On the other hand, if you are wearing a cooler toned look, icey highlights could take the look to the next level. You don’t need to break the bank on highlighters either. Drugstore brands like Wet n’ Wild, Maybelline, and Colourpop have affordable, stunning highliters.

Are you looking forward to trying any of these makeup trends and getting creative with makeup? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on social media, so give us a follow.

If you are looking to have makeup done for an event, headshots, or wedding, contact the salon and set up an appointment with Chelsea.

Fall and Winter Hair Trends

Just like the seasons change so does our hair. Fall and winter bring us new possible color combinations and fun styles. Below are some current fall and winter hair trends.


As the weather gets colder, you’re layering your clothing, so why not layer your hair, too? Layering is always a great way to add volume to your hair and give it the perfect texture. This is particularly useful for those with fine hair that may struggle with achieving a voluminous look.

Having layers can open up some fun styling options such as big, blown out curls. If you want something quick, just throw it up in a scrunchie for a cute half-up, half-down look. We have a variety of cute scrunchies at Pixie.

Unite’s 7 Seconds Glossing Spray will keep your long locks looking healthy and shiny, and this spray will come in handy before heat styling.

Pixie Cut

Quarantine drained a lot of us, so you might be looking to make a big change with your hair. If your hair grew out a little crazy during the past year, now might be the time to chop it off and have a fresh start. A pixie cut could be your saving grace to totally transform your look.

This cut can be extremely versatile. You can style it to be soft and classy or texturize it to be edgy and fun. Unite’s Texturiza Spray works wonders for this cut. To get a bit more hold and keep that pixie in place, Unite’s Conundrum Paste is a must.


Bangs are making a comeback, and if you tried cutting them yourself at home, now might be a good time to get more creative with them. We can even them lout so they fit and frame your face perfectly, you can easily book quick bang trims with your stylist. To style your new do, you may want to grab some Unite’s Blow & Set lotion and a Vess brush.

Undercut Bob

An undercut bob is another stylish way to add volume to your hair. Having an undercut gives that bob more style and lift. You can really accentuate the layers with loose curls or a blowout. For this, you can use Unite’s Boosta line, which includes a shampoo, conditioner, spray, and creme. Boosta products give you  a healthy sheen and enhanced texture.

Fall Hair Colors: Auburns, Oranges, Reds, and Deep Browns

With cool fall weather comes deep, warm hair colors. A single process color to get a deep brown color all over or spice up your dark hair with auburn highlights or a red balayage. For those fearful to commit, you can get a gloss to add subtle tones to your existing color. Upkeep on colored hair is important, to maintain the vibrancy and avoid colors turning brassy, use a Unite shampoo and conditioner, such as the 7 Seconds line, because they’re safe for color-treated hair.

Winter Hair Colors: Ashy and Light

On the other hand, winter can inspire some to go lighter. Ashy and icy colors can be a dramatic yet welcomed change. This color choice looks great on long, curly hair and pixie cuts alike. On long hair you can achieve a purple grey shift. With a pixie haircut, you can shave down the sides and just get that pop of color on the top.

Whether it’s an ashy blonde or purple or embracing light grey, it’s important to keep that color strong, so use Unite’s Blonda line to get ashy and light colors to stay put.

What styles are you considering trying this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on our social media, so be sure to give us a follow!


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