Due to the pandemic, masks have become a part of our lives everywhere we go. We even buy masks to match different outfits. If you’re an avid makeup user, masks have impacted your daily makeup routine.

Have you taken off your mask only to notice a ton of product rubbed off your face and onto the face mask? Well, Chelsea, Pixie Salon’s Guest Services Expert, is a makeup lover, and she put together these tips and tricks for how to maximize makeup longevity and minimize transfer.

Type of Product

One of the best ways to minimize transfer is to pay attention to the type of products you use. If you are a fan of dewy products, unfortunately, this is a time when you need to use less dewy foundation and concealer. For those with dry skin that need the extra moisture, always use a moisturizer and face oils and milks before applying product, and then try setting your dewy foundation and concealer with a setting powder. In general, matte and powder products are going to be the best to use.

Lip products are also challenging at this time. You may want to bring a lipstick or lip gloss with you and apply it when you take your mask off. If you need to apply lipstick and put on a mask, your best option is a matte liquid lipstick that won’t transfer.

Application Process

How you apply your makeup also matters. Before you put on any makeup, use a gripping primer. These will likely be silicone-based and have a tacky finish. That is going to help makeup stick to your skin instead of your mask.

Before you start blending out your foundation, spray your brush with a long-wear setting spray. This helps makeup lock into place. To further minimize smudge, set any cream products with a powder.

After the Mask

Taking care of your skin and face mask is really important. Having a face mask on for hours each day can take a toll on your skin. You’ve probably heard of people getting mask breakouts. When the mask comes off, you have to take care of your skin. Wash off that makeup and treat your skin with an oil controlling face wash and detoxifying face mask.

Don’t stop there! If you have fabric face masks, wash them daily or weekly. This is going to help keep your skin clear. When all your masks are dirty, keep disposable masks on hand for your wash days.

In the End…

Keeping your mask clean is a process, especially for makeup lovers, but taking these steps will help keep your mask a bit cleaner and make your skin happier. Don’t let masks cramp your style! Rock a mask and your glam.

Do you have any other tips or tricks for combining makeup and masks? Do any of these tips work for you? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and on our social media. Give us a follow!